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Full Name-George Terry



Birthplace-Long Beach, CA

Favorite national bands– The Beatles, Devo, The Police, Gary Numan, Ultravox, The Cure, New Order, The Cars, Depeche Mode, OMD, The Cult, Ministry, KMFDM, Pankow, Alice in Chains, PJ Harvey, NIN, Love and Rockets…etc.

Favorite local bands-Munly, Born in the Flood, Matson Jones, Spiv

Best live show to date-The Clash at Red Rocks

Favorite music website

Favorite stage move-the ‘Wombat’

Favorite animated character-Space Ghost

My ride-’93 Toyota Corolla

My dream ride-’94 Toyota Corrolla

Favorite item of clothing-Clean Boxers

Favorite movie-Road Warrior

Actual favorite movie-Forbidden Zone

Favorite food-Anything Spicy

Favorite Drink-Mountain Dew Code Red, JWRed

Favorite color-Black

Favorite charity-Save The Music and Denver Dumb Friends League

Favorite book-The Stand

Actual favorite book-Batman graphic novels

Favorite Celebrity-Tiny Tim

Pets-two black cats; Mystik and Midnight

Greatest influence-My family and friends

Ultimate dream vacation-Prague, Czech Republic

Other hobbies-Camping, collecting music

Ultimate life goal-Immortality through music