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Full Name-Keith A. Schneider

Nicknames-Kiko, Swami

Instrument-guitar, programming

Birthplace-Berea, Ohio

Favorite national bands-Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode

Favorite local bands-Alot

Best live show to date-1986 Red Rocks, Depeche Mode, Book of Love, Nitzer Ebb

Favorite music

Favorite stage move-double click jump

Favorite animated character-The Road Runner

My ride-2001 dodge dakota

My dream ride-Tricked out Escalade

Favorite item of clothing-cut off t-shirts

Favorite movie-Pulp Fiction

Actual favorite movie-Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Favorite food-Mexican

Favorite drinks-Cheap beer and Top shelf Tequila

Favorite color-Blue

Favorite charity-Cancer Society

Favorite book-Old Man and The Sea

Actual Favorite book-music geek mags

Favorite Celebrity-Tom Hanks

Pets-“Aristotle”, “Sadie”, “Sinky” “Sophia”, “Gemini”

Greatest influence-my gut

Ultimate dream vacation-New Zealand

Other hobbies-Local sports, Camping

Ultimate life goal-To be happy and create great memories along the journey

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