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Full Name-Kelli N. Wolf



Birthplace-Phoenix, AZ

Favorite national bands– Muse, Garbage. No Doubt, V.A.S.T.

Favorite local bands – Wanker, The Epilogues, Synthetic Elements, Joe For Nothin.

Best live show to date – Muse

Favorite music

Favorite stage move– Scissor Kick

Favorite animated character– Underdog

My ride– Jeep Liberty

My dream ride– Fully Loaded Tour Bus

Favorite item of clothing– That shall remain a secret…

Favorite movie– Forrest Gump

Actual favorite movie– Valley Girl

Favorite food– Mexican

Favorite drinks– Tequila

Favorite color– KELLI*SAID Red

Favorite charity– Denver Dumb Friends League

Favorite book– All the Twilight Series, yes I am one of those girls!

Actual favorite book-“I’m with the Band” by Pamala des Barres

Favorite Celebrity– Ann Margret

Pets– Sinki (cat), Aristotle, Sadie, and Mazee Sue (the pups)

Greatest influence– Me Mom

Ultimate dream vacation– Traveling to Ireland and staying in a large castle. Soaking up the history by day, and by night, hanging out at a nearby pub with the locals drinking pints and singing old Irish songs.

Other hobbies-Ice Skating, Working Out, Reading

Ultimate life goal-To die happy and never say “I should have just tried”

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