Patrick Bio


Full Name– Patrick Gloria

Patrick Gloria on Facebook

Nicknames– The Machine

Instrument-Drums, background vocals

Birthplace-Denver Co.

Favorite national bands-Led Zeppelin, Rush, STP, George Clinton, Jamiroquai, RHCP, Prince…

Favorite local bands-??

Best live show to date-Prince at Ruby Skye, San Francisco, Jamiroquai in Union Square in S.F.

Favorite music

Favorite stage move– Stick Toss

Favorite animated character– Wonder Twin Powers “Activate”

My ride-Ford Escape

My dream ride– Burgandy Jaguar, convertible, loaded.

Favorite item of clothing– My Black T’s

Favorite movie– Apacolypto

Actual favorite movie-Pulp Fiction

Favorite food-Los Enchiladas

Favorite drinks– Water, Dr. Pepper, Corona, Patron, Don Julio

Favorite color-Burgandy

Favorite charity– Organizations devoted to keeping Music and art Alive in our schools.

Favorite book– A Thousand Splendid Suns

Actual favorite book– Many Lives Many Masters

Favorite Celebrity– John Bonham, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp.

Pets-My pet Cat, “Dawg” (RIP) and my Dog Maximus Aurelius aka “El Travieso”

Greatest influence-Mi Familia

Ultimate dream vacation-Greece, Bali

Other hobbies – Sports – Boxing, Football.

Ultimate life goal – To become more spiritualy aware.