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Full Name-Ryan Rister


Instrument-lead guitar, vocals, congas

Birthplace-Orlando, Florida

Favorite national bands-Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, 3 Doors Down, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Joe Bonamassa, Paul Gilbert…etc

Favorite local bands-Are you kidding me?? There are way too many great bands out here in Colorado!

Best live show to date-Playing at a preschool back in 1989 with my Top 40 band, Infinity. The kids went crazy! Talk about a friendly mosh pit!!!

Favorite music websitewww.coloradomusicbuzz.com

Favorite stage move-The overhand fretting technique

Favorite animated character-Ren and Stimpy

My ride-1997 Jeep Wrangler, lifted of course

My dream ride-A bigger Jeep

Favorite item of clothing-Spandex lady killer pants

Favorite movie-The Rock

Actual favorite movie-Jackass

Favorite food-Anything fried

Favorite drinks-Blue Moon with an orange, Pyramid Heffeweisen with an orange, Coors light

Favorite color-Deep Purples. Deep Blues, Dark Reds, Black

Favorite charity-Just get in the pit and love someone!!!!

Favorite book-Gone with The Wind…yeah right

Actual Favorite book-Fender’s History of Guitars…that’s better

Favorite Celebrity-Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron…rrrrowrrrrrrr

Pets-Grits the dog

Greatest influence-Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Ray, and Vai

Ultimate dream vacation-To get away from corporate America

Other hobbies-being with my family, 4x4n’, camping, collecting guitar picks, hiking, modding guitars and pedals, and other stuff

Ultimate life goal– Make great memories and friends, have my own signature guitar series, make a few million, pay off all my relatives’ debts, buy a nice cozy house in the mountains, and CHILL…